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Tien Fa Charity Foundation Temple China Town Bangkok

Temple At Tien Fa Charity Foundation Bangkok

  • The Tien Fa Charity Foundation is a charity society founded about 1902 by Chinese people in Thailand and its Temple is located on the north west side of the Charoen Krung road and Yaowarat road intersection. Today the Temple is a clinic center providing free medicine and medical treatment. It provides both traditional Chinese and modern medicine practices.
  • Of interest is the traditional Chinese art and architecture and especially the statue of the ''Goddess'' Ming to whom the Shrine is dedicated. This statue is illustrated in the picture here. The Statue is one of Ming giving blessings and is made of carved teak carved in the Tang Dynasty art style and made in China. Traditional belief is that it is over 800 years old. The statue was brought from China and has been at this Temple since 1958.

Tien Fa Charity Foundation Temple Decoration Bangkok