Buddhaisawan Chapel Bangkok

Buddhaisawan Chapel Bangkok! Phra Thinang Phutthaisawan Buddha

The Buddhaisawan Chapel was built in 1795 and stands in the grounds of the National Museum of Bangkok. The Building and grounds were originally part of the Front Palace of the deputy King of Siam. Here is an excellent collection of Early Rattanakosin mural art. Please note our  explanation about Thai mural painting. For another 18 th century example of Early Rattanakosin mural art we refer you to Wat Suwannaram at Thonburi .

Phra Buddhaisawan Buddha Chapel 1787

Wat Buddhaisawan Doorway Wat Buddhaisawan Bangkok Front Monument Wat Buddhaisawan Bangkok

The Life of Buddha Murals
The paintings which depict the Life of Buddha are divided into thirty two scenes between the doors and windows. The story starts to the right of the central door on the wall behind the altar with the marriage of Prince Suddhodana [ Buddha ] and Princess Mahamaya and ends to the left of the same door with the scene of the funeral and the dividing up of the Relics. The pictures rotate around thee building clockwise, the same as Buddhists follow when walking around a sacred structure. On the upper portions of the walls there are four bands of ''celestial figures as is also usual.

The Ramakien Murals
Also to be seen here at the Buddhaisawan Chapel are murals depicting the Ramakien. These are the paintings in light tones and in isometric perspective [ that is all the figures have equal dimensions and shape and size regardless of the position on the total wall ]. Here also we see early style changes in Thai art to introduce three dimensional art as part of western influence.

Entrance Wat Buddhaisawan Bangkok Wat Buddhaisawan Bangkok