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Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm Zoo Bangkok

Samut Prakan Crocodile Show

  • Samut Prakarn Crocdile Farm & Zoo (66 2 703 4891) is located in 555 Moo 7 Taiban Road, Samut Prakam some 28 kilometers south of Bangkok where the Chao Phraya River enters the Gulf of Siam. This area of Samut Prakarn also has other amusement attractions, such as Ancient City and Erawan Museum, as well as historical monuments such as the old fortifications, the military museums and natural attractions.
  • This farm has over 60,000 different crocodiles including one reputed to be the largest ever held in captivity. There are in fact many very large crocodiles to watch and study their power and movements, particularly at feeding time. For tourists who have never been close to a crocodile the visit is interesting. The zoo aspect of this includes other animals such as Thailand elephants, Thailand tigers, gibbons, snakes and other Asian animals.
  • Unique to Thailand are the shows where Thai men wrestle and play with large and otherwise dangerous crocodiles.
  • Samut Parkarn Zoo also has an exhibition of 13 life size extinct dinosaurs as well as skeletons. Thailand is rich in dinosaur sites, particularly in Northeast Thailand.
  • The Park also includes large grounds in which to relax amongst the gardens and trees as well as numerous shops selling crocodile skin products as well as unusual items such a crocodile skeletons, etc.